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Guess which country drinks the most coffee

Do you think that the world’s top coffee-producing countries also drink the most coffee? The answer is no. The top countries that produce coffee (Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, and Indonesia) are not the top consumption countries. Brazil consumes 25% of its yearly coffee production. And the Vietnamese drink less than 5% of the coffee they produce. In the case of Colombia, it is just 20% of the total production.

So which countries drink the most coffee? According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), the top highly addicted caffeine countries are not the coffee growers. By coffee consumption per capita, Finland leads the world with 12 kg per person, followed by Norway (10 kg), and then Iceland (9 kg). Below are the top 10 coffee consumption countries per capita:

  1. Finland – 12kg per capita per year
  2. Norway – 9.9
  3. Iceland – 9.0
  4. Denmark – 8.7
  5. Netherlands – 8.4
  6. Sweden – 8.2
  7. Switzerland – 7.9
  8. Belgium – 6.8
  9. Luxembourg – 6.5
  10. Canada – 6.2

The list is dominated by Northern European countries. Including Canada, all of these countries have long winters which explain their coffee-drinking habit.

This ranking is based on per capita consumption. Yet in terms of coffee import volume, the US is on top of the list with approximately 1.2 million tons, Germany ranks second with 900,000 tons, and the third in Italy.

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