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Our Story

About Us

At BuzzBrew Coffee, we are OBSESSED about crafting strong and flavorful coffee.

My name is Tin Dinh and I founded BuzzBrew Coffee. Moving to Cary, North Carolina where we have called home since 2018, I wanted to bring to the States the best of coffee from Vietnam: a strong and real bold taste.

Most coffee types in the States are made with 100% Arabica beans which are light and “relaxingly” flavorful. Those coffees do not meet the demand from an increasing group of serious coffee drinkers who need to be higher caffeinated and want a bolder taste. BuzzBrew was created to fill that gap in the crowded coffee market.

With experience from working for some of the world’s largest coffee trading houses, Nestle and Louis Dreyfus Commodities, I know the secrets of making great coffee: it’s inside the beans. Our direct connections with the coffee farmers allow us to access hidden sources of Robusta coffee beans to create premium strong coffee. Our highly caffeinated coffee is our own blend of the finest Robusta and Arabica beans. And, we carefully roast in small batches to deliver freshness and retain original flavors.

Join us on our mission to develop a strong specialty coffee with an excellent taste. We welcome your patronage, your feedback, and your shared passion for the best coffee we can make.

Experience the difference for yourself.

The perfect combination of the strongest beans
and an expert roasting method.

Risk-Free, Satisfaction Guarantee!

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